Sotoodeh Nazemroaya

Sotoodeh Nazemroaya is a B.Sc student in Software Computer Engineering at University of Isfahan, which is one of the best comprehensive universities of Iran. She is going to graduate in summer 2015. She is interested in artificial intelligence, computer image and data mining. She had many activities in Smart Robots and simulation (Robocup). She was selected for Kharazmi robocup competition in 2007. She has participated in Iran Open Robocup Simulation 2D in 2008. She has such skills as OOP, CSS, C++, Java, micro controlling designing in VHDL, designing and construction of electronic boards, and Software management. She is teacher assistant in some courses such as AI and Prolog. She is a main member of scientific association of ACM and start up weekend organizer in University of Isfahan. Recently, she would like to do research about Internet of Things and cloud computing and develop smart Robots.