Lauren Bowker

Lauren Bowker is the creative director and head shaman of PHNX an innovative design house that focuses on Seeing The Unseen. Creating Design lead Technology, Products and Visions for the future world of Arts, Fashion and Wellbeing.
Capturing beyond horizons and bringing them to reality, everything from catwalks to concrete, with the human at the heart. Lead by dreams and refusal of fear, PHNX uses design merged with science to provide real solutions to real problems. Creating bold visions underpinned by good design. Always doing what design should… improving and inspiring lives.

The world in which PHNX was created has recently parted. From the ashes collected by its death, a new world was born. This race will be known as SeeTheUnseen, and will become a platform of magic, reality and change. Set out to harness the extraordinary, to expect the unexpected, to make the impossible possible and to pioneer our future.